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Kathryn and Eric became friends some years ago when working together in the world of hospitality. Kathryn is from Oxfordshire, whilst Eric hails from Brittany in France.

It was in 2002 that they made the decision to pool their talents for event management (Kathryn) and floral design (Eric) and open a florist shop where they would create the designs they know their customers would love. Stemtation opened its doors the following year, they were located  in the Market Place Mews of the town, just a few steps from the historic town square and not far from the River Thames.


With the development of the Market Place Mews in 2016 and the changing needs of their clients the business evolved and became virtual, working from a design studio and the online store was expanded.

Their experience of planning magical events, combined with their passion for flowers has seen them grow to be one of the most renown florists in this part of the country.


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